blue pillow lamp and chair
blue pillow lamp and chair

5 simple ways to refresh your home for spring

We tapped Chicago-based creative entrepreneur and style influencer Nathan Michael to help us curate the perfect home décor refresh for spring. Read on for 5 easy ways to start creating your home oasis, and scroll to the bottom to start planning your next shopping trip.

"With every season, there are simple opportunities to give your home a little TLC. Spring just happens to be my favorite. Whether finding a new scent or switching out pillow cases, giving your pad a little pampering doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are 5 simple ways to refresh your home for Spring." - Nathan Michael

table with place setting and centerpiece with plant

1. Plant a Living Centerpiece

There’s nothing quite like bringing the outdoors in. Not only can plants and flowers add more color, but they just look great, too. That’s why I love having a rotating living centerpiece. Every few weeks or months (depending if you go with dried flowers), you can switch out your centerpiece and give your home a fresh look. Whether using succulents, flowers, plants, or even herbs, there are so many ways to revive your abode with a touch of nature.

bowl, flowers, statue and burning scented candle

2. Embrace a New Scent

We change our type of clothing every season, so why not our scents too? In Spring, I love the fresh scent of flowers. They really awaken the senses and call us into sunnier days. Personally, I can never get enough of the smell of Tuberose. It’s pretty much the flower version of creme brulee. 

table with plates and pastries

3. Dress Up Your Table

Just as I enjoy mixing up flavors in the kitchen, there are so many ways you can be playful with your dinnerware, too. Instead of purchasing a dozen of the same cups and plates, try incorporating different colors and patterns at your table. With every season, you can add a few more pieces to the mix. 

table with speaker and fabric box full of envelopes

4. Mix in Stylish Baskets + Boxes to Reduce Clutter

Full confession: I’m a knick knack hoarder. From small mementos to vintage family photos, I just can’t get rid of them. So, my solution to embracing clutter + keeping a home clean is stocking up on plenty of stylish baskets and boxes. This way you can tuck away all those little things that make a room feel scattered without having to toss your special keepsakes. 

leather couch with throw pillows

5. Swap Out Your Throw Pillow Covers

Different seasons call for different feels. And one of the easiest ways to switch up the textures and color palette in your home is by switching out your throw pillow covers. Not only can you easily fold and store last season’s covers, but this gives you a chance to get them cleaned on the regular, too. 

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